Sept. 12, 2022

Claim Your Early Adopter Bonus on Volley App

Claim Your Early Adopter Bonus on Volley App

I interviewed Josh Little when the Volley App first got on my radar. They have really shown how to build an app and a community.

They are interacting with their users, finding out what they need, and then giving it to them. In one release there were close to 30 items that were added/updated. As a coach, I absolutely love the app.

Here is the Announcement From Volley

From Josh Little: (Watch Video)

Hey, I'm gonna tip our hand and share some exciting news as well as an opportunity.

Later this month, we're going to be rolling out our first premium product called Volley pro and Volley pro will not only give you the ability to select your desired message history but will also give you features like higher

  • upload limits
  • scheduled Volleys
  • high res Volleys,
  • recording, time limits,
  • and a few other surprises.


So you can officially start getting excited now. And at the same time we're going to be Sunsetting our existing legacy free plan and rolling out a new free plan called Volley basic, which will have:

  • 30-day message history,
  • 50 Meg upload limits,
  • and one admin per space.
  • And there will be captions on Volleys
  • and push notifications,
  • (but not interactive transcripts in that plan).


Now I know what you're thinking. , Josh, you said what's free. Will remain free and I'm happy to say that it will.

And this is the opportunity because you are a loyal and devoted early user of Volley not only do you get to keep everything that you have, but for a limited time up until a certain date, which will not be mentioned but could happen any time in the latter half of this month, anyone you invite or any space you create will also have our legacy free plan and we'll be grandfathered into 60-day message history, unlimited admins and access to interactive transcripts.

So this is your opportunity. And now with all of the new changes that make Volley even. Especially for new users. It's the perfect time to get the word out and invite your friends or your fans and stay tuned for an announcement later this month, sometime...

Get the App Now and Enjoy Features That Won't Be Free in the Future

So I just wanted to let you know that if you were worried about Volley being a free app (like me - cause free is not a good business model) your worries are over. Sign up HERE, and I can answer any questions you have via Volley.


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