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Avoid sounding stupid, with bad audio, and buying the wrong equipment. The School of Podcasting offers:

  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Live group coaching multiple times a month
  • A private Facebook group filled with brilliant podcasting minds
  • Priority email support
  • UNLIMITED one-on-one consulting.
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Community Building Platforms


Heartbeat is like discord, dropbox, zoom, and teachable all had a baby. It has some amazing features at an AMAZING price. 


Volley works on an iPhone, Android, Mac or PC (in other words everywhere). It is somewhat like "Video texting" you can make a space (your community) that has Channels (group topics) and people can have one on one conversations with you (as well as private conversations with a group). It's all asynchronous (meaning one person at a time - get it - volley - you talk, I talk. It's an amazing tool and as of 4/2022, it's free.


Circle brings together your discussions, memberships, and content.
Integrate a thriving community wherever your audience is, all under your own brand. You can make Circle work for your project. Circle is flexible, white-labeled, and powers hundreds of diverse community types.

Mighty Networks

A Mighty Network brings together your community, online courses, sales pages, and more–all under your brand. The power of a Mighty Network is in the way it connects members to each other (while still giving the creator power and control over it). A might network gets more valuable for every member with each new member who joins. 

Starts your own by going to


Palapa is a modern discussion platform for online communities. Created by the guys at


Tribe is a  powerful community platform, integrated into your product so you can increase user engagement, drive retention, and boost customer lifetime value. The beauty of Tribe is the ability to embed widgets into your product (course, etc) and enable your community to ask questions, and comments, right from within your product, while that same comment will appear in the dashboard of the community. 

The Membership Academy

A membership site about membership sites. The community is filled with other membership site owners. There are great tutorials, resources, and more. Check it out at