Nov. 2, 2022

Circle, Volley add More Features and Heartbeat

Circle, Volley add More Features and Heartbeat

We've spoken about Circle, and Volley in the past and today I wanted to share some updates along with a new tool that looks impressive.


I was in a community that uses Circle and they were using Circle's built-in video meeting tool. It was nice, simple and the biggest bonus is when you are done with the meeting it saves to your community (no more waiting for zoom to process). The link to the replay is already made.

Circle also added courses. So if you had teachable or podia or Thinkific and were going to include Circle, you might go the other way and bring your courses into Circle. As this is a new feature, their courses won't be as robust as something like teachable, but they recently scored a boost of millions of dollars so expect to see Circle to continue to add more features.


I love the Volley app. It has boosted my coaching and my students love it. I was always worried as it was free. When I interviewed one of the founders, he assured me that they would eventually charge for additional features (while keeping my features free). This has now come to pass.

They still have a free version, but they have some additional features that cost $4 per member of your community. You can reduce the number of time items is stored to adjust the price.

The bottom line is you don't have to worry about Volley going out of business.


I joined a community. It looked and smelled a lot like Circle, but also had some "different flavors" like "Book Club" and the ability to automatically match members together. It's called Heartbeat. The thing I loved about it is the current price is $29/month for up to 1000 members (vs $39 for circle).

I just discovered it and have put out an invite to one of the founders to come on the show. Here is a link to a full walkthrough for those who like to jump ahead.

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